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About Robert Tassy

Finding a clear career path took a few attempts. I went to journalism school with the idea of becoming a broadcast reporter. Though my insatiable thirst for information and it's direct, relevant application to human lives still strongly lives on, my weapon of choice to deliver that distribution has changed.

Born and raised in Miami, Florida the hurdles of my career took me to the Internet where I obessess over user experience, audience engagement, and measurable traffic to quantify key performance indicators and return on investment. When I'm not coding and staying up-to-date on current technology trends and innovation, I'm likely meditating, sight-seeing, exercising, or reading my favorite Harvard Business Review, First Round Review, and DZone Daily Digest articles. Finding mindfulness and peace within myself has been my greatest professional asset so far.

Just below are my most recent coding samples. Although my strengths lie in front-end development, I'm eager to understand more the server side of web applications to work toward becoming a more, well-rounded web developer.

Robert Tassy's Portfolio

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Fish Market Shopping Cart

Using React.js, Facebook's new JavaScript library, I built a shopping cart with fish products where the user can add fishes to their shopping cart and get real-time total prices. On the same interface, they could also update the inventory of fishes live using React's virtual DOM element.

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Recreating Instagram

Ruby's open-source library gems help me to re-create instagram using it's Paperclip gem. Like Instagram, users can upload a picture with a caption. Each iteration of this step is looped so each posting is formatted like the last.

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TravelPal: Your Travel Chatbot

Using Twilio's API, we created a text-bot similiar to Facebooks where a user can text in travel expenses and it is parsed by geolocation, price, and category using four other of our APIs. Once logged in, users have a dashboard analysis of all texted expenses.

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Wyndex: Social Media Stalking

Using Twitter API, you can add any user into our website and have their profile populate on our site automatically. A useful tool for wanting multiple Twitter profiles on one page and have that data populate automatically.

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Other professional work by Robert Tassy

Graphic Design

My primary tools are Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop, and InDesign. I like design that complement photography, but also enjoy vector-based shapes and playing with layers and color palettes.

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Canon 70D is my weapon of choice for the best ISO, Aperture, and Depth of Field settings in any unpredictable environment.

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Originally a Final Cut Pro guru, now shifted to Adobe Premiere to compelement Adobe Suites. Knowledgeable in Pre and Post Production.

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Robert Tassy Work Experience

Quality Assurance Lead - PlanGrid (2018 - Present)

With over 1 million projects created, PlanGrid is construction's leading productivity software; providing real-time updates and seamless file synchronization over Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

Quality Assurance Engineer - Location Labs (2016 - 2018)

Location Labs is the global pioneer in mobile security for humans. With more than 1.3 million monthly paying subscribers worldwide, our mobile application helps families stay safe and secure.

Web Content Developer - Surgeon's Advisor (2016 - 2016)

Surgeon’s Advisor is a premier provider of Internet marketing and patient acquisition strategies to aesthetic physicians including plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and facial plastic surgeons.

Full Stack Web Developer - Wyncode: The Art of Code (2015 - 2016)

Wyncode is a software development program that further trains individuals as full stack developers by immersing them in hands-on, object-oriented programming using the Ruby on Rails framework.

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